Meal (Map)

A meal is an eating occasion that takes place at a certain time and includes specific, prepared food, or the food eaten on that occasion. The names used for specific meals in English vary greatly, depending on the speaker's culture, the time of day, or the size of the meal.


» A Cup of Turkish Salep and Pancakes
» Ancient Chinese Food
» Avocado Fruits for Health
» Bacardi Cocktails
» Beautiful Biscuits Chocolate Chip Cookies
» Beautiful Pumpkins
» Belcolade Real Belgian Chocolate
» Berry Chai Tea Infusion and Vanilla Rooibos Tea Latte
» Berry Milk Drop Widescreen
» Best Instant Coffee Wallpaper
» Big Ripe Peach Fruit Macro
» Black Tiger Prawn Jumbo Size
» Blue Cocktail with Cherries
» Bordeaux Red Wine Glasses
» Breakfast Eggs and Muffins
» Bunch of Green Grapes Wallpaper
» Button Mushrooms Champinones
» Cake and Fruits on Table
» California Fish and Grill
» Candy Coated Chocolate Candies
» Candy Wishes and Sugar Dreams
» Chipwich - Ice Cream Burgers
» Choco-Chocolate and Roses
» Chocolate - Resistance is Futile
» Chocolate Mushroom Field
» Christmas Tableware Dishes
» Citrus Fruits Wedges
» Coca-Cola and Ice
» Coffee Beans
» Coffee Pancakes with Breakfast Fruits
» Colorful Marmalade Candies
» Cream Cake with Strawberries
» Creative Logo Hot Coffee Beans
» Cup of Hot Cocoa Chocolate
» Delicious Colorful Fruit Kabobs
» Delicious Mussel Tomato Salad
» Dessert Sweet Rolls with a Cup of Tea
» Double Espresso on Coffee Beans
» Espresso Coffee Cup
» Espresso Roast Coffee Beans
» Expresso Yourself Cafe
» Flourless Chocolate Cake Recipe
» French Chocolate Dragees
» French Macarons Packaging Wallpaper
» Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
» Fresh Fruits in a Glass
» Fresh Kiwi Slices
» Fresh Pastries and Yummy Roast
» Fresh Raspberries
» Fresh Tomato Juice Cocktail
» Fresh Yellow Lemon
» Fresh and Crisp Apples from Last Summer
» Fruits and Vegetables Picture
» Green Apples
» Grill of Great Steak
» Grinder Hand Crank Coffee Mill
» Healthy Baguette Sandwiches
» Healthy Tropical Breakfast Smoothie
» Hot Cup of Coffee
» Hot Roses and China Tea Cup
» Ice Cream with Berries
» Ice Cubes in a Glass of Water
» Juicy Fruit
» Juicy Water Melon
» Kiwi Lemon Cocktail Desktop
» Lady Fairy Moment Tea for Two
» Lemon Flavored Iced Tea
» Light Chocolate Souffle Recipe
» Lilac and Teacup
» Lipton Tea Lemon
» Lobster, Oysters, Sea Scallops...
» Mandarin Orange (Tangerine)
» Market Fresh Fish on Ice
» Merlot Vineyard Grapes, Napa Valley
» Midori Melon Mascarpone Caviar
» Morning Newspaper at Breakfast
» New Coffee Cup Tablecloth
» Ocean Salad Ingredients
» Old Town and Country Style Kitchen
» Orange Slice Splashing into Water
» Organic Coffee Bean Sack
» Oyster with Lemon Vanilla Gelee
» Peach Berry Paint
» Philadelphia Soft Pretzels
» Pineapple Fruit Plate with Dip
» Red Raspberries
» Red Roses and Chocolate Gifts
» Red and Green Grapes
» Ripe Juicy Apple
» Ripe Pomegranate
» Ripe Red Strawberry
» Ripe Yellow Melon Balls
» Ruby Red Grapefruit
» Sausage-Pepper Pizza Cheese
» Selling Hazelnuts
» Small White Flowers and Tea Cup
» Southeast Asian Mussel Salad
» Strawberry Pancake
» Summer Cocktail Drinks
» Sweet I Love You Wishes Quote
» Sweet Red Pepper
» Sweets and Candies
» Table Served a Bunch of Grapes
» Tasty Pineapple
» Tasty Pizza Takeaway
» Using Gourmet Olives Garnish for Cocktail
» Water Melon Stars
» White Chocolate Heart Candy
» Wild Strawberries
» Wooden Manual Coffee Grinder
» Yummy Bacon Salad Sandwich

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